The official website of Ria April Avalon, a contemporary poet and lyricist

“I'm wild and sometimes even heartless-can-be,
I'm fond of collecting illusions to ruin,
I'm breaking the rules life has written for me,
"Create to destroy" best describes what I'm doing. 
I'm scarily dangerous, silently loud -
A walking disaster you'd better ignore,
The pain in the neck of a desperate crowd.
But I'm like a magnet - you'll only want more”.

This quote from my poem entitled “Heartless-can-be?” describes me really well. I believe the best way to get to know me is to read my poetry that's written to tell people more about me and my life experience, to share and spread my ideas and thoughts.

I have been seriously involved into writing poetry and lyrics since the year 2007. I get inspiration from various life experiences, seen by the eyes of a thinker, and seek it both in the world around and in my own inner world. The purpose of my creativity is making people see beyond the bounds, be themselves and speak their minds.

And I really create to destroy. To destroy people's naive beliefs. To destroy the stereotypes.